About Securitalis

Securitalis is an independent IT security company that provides specialist services in: systems and enterprise architecture, security for cloud computing, robotics process automation, mobile security, mobile biometric authentication, identity and access management and privileged access management  

Eric Padua

Securitalis Director

"I believe that security should be an

enabler for innovation. Therefore with recent technology trends in cloud computing, robotics process automation and mobile technology, securing organisations' data and having a clear security strategy is the key to

unlocking and securely deploying

these technologies".

Graduate Career

Eric has a 30+ year career in IT. As a graduate he started as a developer working for Logica in the Communications sector, working on UNIX Systems developments. He worked on real-time systems, developing an automation system that controlled loading and unloading container ships in the Port of Breman. He developed one of the first deployments of electronic mail based on the X.400 standard, with X.500 directories. This very quickly moved to establishing SMTP as the standard mail protocol on the internet.

Career Achievements

Off the back of the Exchange consultancy, Eric co-founded a startup company (New Technology/enterprise Ltd), delivering enterprise Microsoft Windows and Exchange solutions to large financial institutions. The largest (at the time) network of Microsoft mail servers was built for NatWest Bank (640 post offices, and scaling up to 2000). Designed and developed enterprise messaging solution based on Microsoft Exchange and SMTP Gateway, culminating in a Microsoft-published SMTP white-paper.

Eric joined UBS as a freelancer in 2002 and developed a bespoke Single-Sign-On authentication system. In 2004 he was offered a permanent role as a Senior IDM/Security Architect. He designed and implemented Identity and Access Management solutions, and eventually moved to the role of Security CTO as Global  Head of Security Architecture. After 15 years at UBS, Eric joined a small startup company delivering a cloud-based Electronic Patient Record system to Switzerland, based on a highly secure Identity Provider, using mobile biometric authentication technology.

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